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 eriobotrya japonica loquat tree seed
#A1883 Eriobotrya japonica

eriobotrya japonica fruit loquat seed plant

Loquat (Japanese or Chinese Plum, Japanese medlar, Pipa)

Members of the Rose family, Rosaceae, Eriobotryaa are highly prized for itsr lucious fruits.  They are tender evergreens attaining a height of about 20ft, having long leaves (about 9in long) green above and greyish green below. Flowers are small, white and borne in clusters in the fall and are followed by small oval orange yellow fruits.  The plant is a native of China and Japan, though it is now grown throughout the world in warm climates and is of commercial importance.  Fruits ripen in the winter or late fall and contain 2-4 large brown seeds.   The trees are easily grown from seed.

Eriobotryas prefer a light loamy soil, but are suitable on a variety of soil types.  Trees grown outdoors should be planted at a spacing of 25ft each way.  Seedling varieties are often used as scions for grafting hybridized types.  They may also be grown in nursery containers in a greehouse or other light warm place where the temperature does not fall below 55F.  Nursery grown specimens require a deep rich moist, but well drained soil and should receive weekly applications of fertilizer from spring through fall.  Light misting is also recommended.  Any repotting should be done in late winter.

Trees may be propagated by sowing seed or by taking softwood cuttings in the spring or fall.  Seeds should be sown as soon as ripe.  Stored seed is be germinated by soaking for 24 hours in warm water, then cold stratifying for 30 days prior to planting. 

The fruits are eaten out of hand or are used to make jellies, jams, preserves, pies and an aromatic wine.  They are used in Mexico in rites on the Day of the Dead and are called nisperos.

Perfume is made from the blooms.

Medicinally, the fruit is used to make cough syrup, and to treat skin disorders.  A paste made from the leaves is used to treat stomach and respiratory problems and as a counter to alcohol hangover.  The fruits also have a sedative affect.

Hardy to 10F (-17.7C)
#A1883    Packet of Seeds   Approximately  20 seeds    $20.00
#A1883B Eriobotrya japonica

#A1883B    Bulk seed 4oz  Approximately 88 seeds   $40.00

#A1883C Eriobotrya japonica
#A1883    Bulk seed 1lb   Approximately  300 seeds    $80.00

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